Pandemic Game

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The Pandemic Game is a strategy game where you are essentially a virus, the aim of the game is to infect the whole of the world and kill everyone. You go about doing this in a variety of different ways, you start off by choosing what type of disease class you would like to be, each class of disease having different traits which could help you in your mission of killing every person on earth! There are also 2 game modes before you get in to the game itself, these being ‘realistic’ and ‘relaxed’, realistic being the way the game should be played with all features in use, relaxed being where the games are a lot shorter and faster than realistic and not all traits are available.

When you get in to the game itself you will be met by a map of the world with certain icons indicating parts of the word (airports, harbors etc), the color of the country will also change depending on how infected the country is, green being not affected, then red being most infected. You will also see along the menu at the bottom of the screen saying ‘disease’, this is where you are going to be able to use the in game currency called ‘evolution points’ to upgrade your disease and make it more lethal with the many options such as ‘coughing’, ‘fever’ and ‘vomiting’, you will also see upgrades that will help increase the resistance of your disease to stop the people of earth from finding a vaccine and ending your game!

Overall the Pandemic Game is a very enjoyable strategy game which will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out ways that you can make your disease more lethal and deadly to the people of the earth, as well as making sure you upgrade your resistance to stop you failing your ultimate goal of ending the human race!

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